Business model and value creation

Internal environment

Corporate governance

Corporate Governance in Orange Polska is designed to provide responsible company management and supervision in order to achieve the company’s strategic goals and enhance its value. To these ends, we have created a strong corporate governance framework to support the structures, processes and controls which help us to operate more efficiently and mitigate risk. The ability of the company to create value is ensured by having capable governing bodies with a proper division of responsibilities and optimal representation of experience, skills and education. The sustainability of the company is secured by the ability to allocate fairly and sustainably the created value which is necessary to the company’s long-term success.

The details of Orange Polska’s corporate governance are described in the Corporate Governance chapter of this report.

Corporate culture

Orange Polska attaches great importance to ensuring equal treatment for all employees, along with clear evaluation and promotion criteria, professional and personal development opportunities, and good and safe working conditions. We aim to create a culture of co-operation, in which all employees feel respected and can freely pursue their professional goals and life passions. Orange Polska conducts regular employee surveys and engages in dialogue with trade unions. We build the foundations that help create a friendly workplace. We take care of employees’ safety, health and retirement plans. We provide preventive healthcare, promote sports activity among employees and offer help and support in difficult life situations. We value diversity and believe that skilful diversity management in a workplace creates new opportunities. It is essential for us to foster an organisational culture based on mutual respect for the differences between us.

In 2017 we launched our strategic transformation programme, It concentrates on two key pillars of the organisation: operational results and corporate culture. The first stage of the programme involved a dialogue with employees and a survey on corporate culture. Feedback from our employees helped us to focus on three key priorities for organisational change:

  • Focus on customers (we call it, „obsessed with customers”)
  • Simplification, focus, speed and agility
  • Trusting each other, honest and straightforward.

The details of Orange Polska’s corporate culture are described in the “Being a digital and caring employer” section.

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