Company and our stakeholders

Orange Polska is Poland’s leading telecommunication provider, operating in all segments of the Polish telecoms market. The Group owns the largest telecom infrastructure in Poland, providing voice and data services on fixed and mobile networks. Orange Polska is 50.67% owned by Orange S.A., one of Europe’s leading telecom operators.

Orange Polska’s success is founded on a portfolio of competitive products, a powerful, proactive sales force and outstanding customer care, supported by a robust infrastructure and highly motivated employees. Co-ordinating our efforts around a lean, agile operating model will ensure that we deliver healthy and sustainable returns to our shareholders.

Orange Polska vision

Loved by customers. Preferred by employees. Valued by shareholders.

We aim to provide best in class connectivity and convergent digital services to the people of Poland thanks to our unique combination of high-speed broadband fixed and mobile networks, our wide geographic presence, our skilled and customer-focused employees and the values of our Orange brand. We want to be the efficient, socially responsible and “human inside” Polish operator of choice, allowing everyone to connect to what is essential in their life.

Orange Polska mission

Provide Polish consumers and businesses with the best high-speed connectivity and an unmatched customer experience.

We will achieve this by designing simple, digitally-enabled services on mobile and fibre, allowing our customers to be always in touch and connect to what is essential in their lives.

Orange brand values


We treat everyone as an individual and dedicate time for listening. We look forward to working together and sharing successes.


We talk about what we intend to do and we do what we have promised. We have nothing to hide, we take responsibility for our actions. We are always transparent and honest.


We always try to speak in a manner understandable to everyone. We are clear in our statements.


We always try to view the world from a different perspective, to choose the best course of action. We see things in full colour. We are ready to go beyond the boundaries and take risks.


We are passionate about what we do and what we believe. We want to actively change people’s lives. Our optimism is contagious.

Orange Polska in 2017 in numbers

* full time equivalents, including Net Works!

Convergent customers Mobile accesses
(SIM cards)
Fixed broadband accesses
TV customers Fixed voice lines (retail)
(+56.4% yoy)
(-8.7% yoy)
(+10.5% yoy)
(+10.7% yoy)
(-6.3% yoy)
post-paid 9,726,000
(+5.0% yoy)
Fibre 214,000
(+143.2% yoy)
pre-paid 4,698,000
(-28.1% yoy)
VDSL 467,000
(+15.6% yoy)

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