Glossary of telecom terms


4G - fourth generation of mobile technology, sometimes called LTE (Long Term Evolution)


Access Fee - revenues from monthly fee from New Tariff Plans (incl. Free minutes)

ARPU - Average Revenues per User

AUPU - Average Usage per User


BSA - Bitstream Access Offer


CATV - Cable Television

CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access, second generation wireless mobile network used also as a wireless local loop for locations where cable access is not economically justified


EBITDA - Operating income + depreciation and amortisation + impairment of goodwill + impairment of non-current assets


F2M - Fixed to Mobile Calls

FBB - Fixed Broadband

FTE - Full time equivalent

FTTH - Fibre To The Home

FVNO - Fixed Virtual Network Operator


ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

ILD - International Calls

IP TV - TV over Internet Protocol


Liquidity Ratio - Cash and unused credit lines divided by debt to be repaid in the next 18 months

LLU - Local Loop Unbundling

LTE - Long Term Evolution, standard of data transmission on mobile networks (4G)


M2M - Machine to Machine, telemetry

MTR - Mobile Termination Rates

MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator


Net Gearing - net gearing after hedging ratio = net debt after hedging / (net debt after hedging + shareholders’ equity)


Organic Cash Flow - Organic Cash Flow = Net cash provided by Operating Activities – (CAPEX + CAPEX payables) + proceeds from sale of assets


RAN agreement - agreement on reciprocal use of radio access networks

RIO - Reference Interconnection Offer


SAC - Subscriber Acquisition Costs

SIMO - mobile SIM only offers without devices

SRC - Subscriber Retention Cost


UKE - Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej (Office of Electronic Communications)

UOKiK - Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów (Office for Competition and Consumer Protection)

USO - Universal Service Obligation


VDSL - Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line

VHBB - Very high speed broadband, above 30 Mbps

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol


Wireless for fixed - LTE broadband access offers dedicated to use within the Home/Office Zone, consisting of a fixed router (Home Zone) plus large or unlimited data packages, which are a substitute for fixed broadband and are provided by all mobile operators in Poland, including Orange Polska.

WLL - Wireless Local Loop

WLR - Wholesale Line Rental

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