Message from CEO

Dear All,

Welcome to our annual report, the second in which Orange Polska’s results are presented on an integrated basis.

This represents a new way of communicating with our shareholders and other stakeholders, one that combines the financial and non-financial aspects of our business. Our intention is to show you the wider context of our activities, and in particular how our business responds to the external and internal environment in which we operate.

In this report we discuss how we create value over time for our stakeholders, how we build sustainability, and we demonstrate that we can create value not only in financial terms, but also in other forms like trust, reputation, job satisfaction, customer loyalty or good relations with local communities.

Orange Polska has for the past few years been run in a more integrated way for the benefit of customers and other stakeholders, so integrated reporting felt like a better way to tell our story.

Integrated thinking is more and more a part of ‘business as usual’, and is reflected in:

  • our strategy, in which we take into account the needs and expectations of our stakeholders,
  • our thinking and the way we manage the company,
  • understanding and measuring our impact on economy and societies,
  • our communication with stakeholders.

For us integrated reporting is also the way we show financial data in a broader social context, as well as non-financial data as an important factor in our company development. This gives us a new standard for management and increases our transparency.

I hope that our story will meet with your attention and interest.

Jean-François Fallacher

President and CEO of Orange Polska

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