Our strategy

In September 2017 we announced a new strategic plan called, marking our new approach to long-term value creation. It represents an intensification of existing initiatives and articulates the company’s strategic vision to 2020. Orange Polska aims to become Poland’s telecommunications operator of first choice for consumers and businesses, at the same time as creating a business model that will generate sustainable growth in sales and profits.

We still derive a significant portion of our revenues and profits from services which once constituted the core of our operations and which have been in structural decline for a number of years. In order to offset this ongoing pressure on our revenues and create value, we need to invest in the development of business lines with growth prospects as well as exploring unique market opportunities. That is why we are investing heavily in the best connectivity and pursuing a convergence strategy. At the same time, we are radically transforming our operations to be more agile, digital and flexible, with a strong online presence and highly automated processes. Moreover, we are also changing our internal culture. We want to work harder for the benefit of our customers; to be obsessed with improving their experience with Orange. Culture change at Orange Polska is also aimed at improving the work environment, so that our employees better identify with our goals and values, and gain confidence in their future careers with Orange. Last but not least, our value creation is reflected in our responsible approach to environmental and social matters. Our investments in connectivity make a substantial contribution to the development of Poland’s modern, digital society.

Adjusted EBITDA expected evolution 2016-2020

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